Prairie 2 Pacific



Join us for 6 weeks as we serve and Learn across Western Canada

Program Dates: Oct 2023 - Nov 2023


Looking to take your
discipleship to the next level?

We DARE you to come journey with us for the next 6 weeks on an adventure of discipleship where we’ll explore and find truths of our purpose. You will be refreshed, reenergized with perspectives and equipped with tools for life.

DARE is a hands-on program where we are learning and doing the practical right away. We believe that our Creator’s fingerprints are in each culture, people group, and all of His creation. Therefore exploring this idea on an adventure to different communities is exactly how we’ve seen our Creator’s heart. Whether it’s driving through the tall cedar trees of Vancouver Island, the Rockies in Alberta, the big skies of the Prairies, the calming waves of the Pacific Ocean, or hearing beautiful stories of the people we encounter, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to know your worth and the role you play in creation.

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We will spend a week in Orientation in Steinbach before we hit the road.

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We will listen, learn and serve at all the places we stop along the way to Vancouver Island.

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Be Transformed

As we learn, we will put things into practice right away by being the hands and feet of Jesus and seeing transformation happen in our own lives as a result.

Be Transformed

  • Helen, from Fiji

    I struggled with appreciating my cultural heritage, but after this course I have fully embraced myself as a Fijian because that’s who God made me to be.

    On DTS, we traveled across 3 provinces to a First Nations reserve called Ahousaht. Elders in the community shared their stories with us about Creator and their lives. It was such an honour and a humbling experience to be included and welcomed with open arms.

  • Jermaine, from Solomon Islands

    Through DTS, I learned to depend more upon God and not myself or on my family which is very far away from Canada. It was rewarding and at the end of the school a lot of my questions had been answered. I came broken and asking God to heal me. He did heal me and I am becoming a new person and progressing forward every day.

    DTS was so helpful, and I’m so grateful for my leaders and the school. My highlights from outreach were learning about people, learning about culture, learning about the things people have been through, their challenges and struggles, and to just sit down and listen to them tell their story and reflect and relate to my own story.

  • Salome, from Germany

    Usually people think outreach is preaching or doing big events, but instead we stayed and hung out with the people. We didn’t do anything else. We shared our stories, but it wasn’t like preaching and I was like, “Okay, this is kind of weird because as a German I thought, outreach is doing something specific.” BUT God lives in us and just being ourselves is enough. This was probably something I had heard before, but it never sunk in my heart like this.

    Living with people from another culture can sometimes be crazy and challenging, but also awesome because you learn so much about their culture and you get a wider way of thinking. Getting to know God more is just life-changing, and it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and experience God in a new way.

Program Cost

$3500 for 6 Weeks – All inclusive

2023 Program Dates:
Oct 2023 - Nov 2023